Red Shoe Day was established in memory of Australian Lyme  Patient, Theda Myint who left this earth on the 25th July 2013. The inaugural Red Shoe Day was July 25th 2014, with this day quickly becoming established as an annual remembrance day to remember not only Theda, but all those lost to Lyme and other invisible illnesses worldwide.

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Time to Get out your Red Shoes!

Time to Get out your Red Shoes!

July is here, so pull out those old red shoes, buy new ones, or have fun creating a fun pair with big red bows, glitter or whatever wonderful thing you can think of! Red shoe day, to be held on July 25th is a day to remember all those we have lost to invisible illness such as Lyme, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia …

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1. Wear Red Shoes on July 25th - Or for those housebound, red socks, slippers - whatever it may be!

2. Post your pictures - along with any memories and/or messages to friends and families of loved ones lost - here on the FB event page. (We will then add them to our website).

When Posting pictures - use the hastag ‪#‎RedShoeDay2016‬

3. Organize a "get together" to remember and celebrate a loved ones life. Everyone wear your red shoes and send us pictures and an article about your gathering for our blog.

4. Write to local paper or media about Red Shoe Day
(To make this as easy as possible, we have written a background / introduction about Red Shoe Day that you can copy and then just add on your personal story) Letter to copy available from:…/red-shoe-day-a-…

5. Leave a comment about your loved one on our Memorial Blog…

6. Visit the Red Shoe Day Shop

The Red Shoe Day Shop is new this year - After a number of people requesting to support the day / wear items we have decided to put them on a Zazzle shop (Funds raised will go towards Red shoe Day goals/aims.)  If you have any requests contact Lisa Hilton at and she will help you customize a shirt. We would like to ask though - if it is not a family member that you wish to add to a shirt: please do ensure to ask first that they are ok with us adding the picture to the store/ public. 

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