A Lyme Patient’s View Campaign

Whatislyme.com is collecting paragraphs from Lyme Patient’s explaining what Lyme feels like to them. How it affects their day or what it generally feels like to go through a day of Lyme. Send us a short paragraph in your words, how it makes you feel to live with Lyme Disease. The point of the campaign is to show people who don’t have Lyme what Lyme Disease really feel like. To get rid of the stereotype that Lyme Disease is just a bull’s eye rash and sore knees which is easily cured with a couple weeks of antibiotics.

This is not “full stories” but just try to capture of moment in your life with Lyme and how it felt.

We will put your words over a picture and post it in the “A Patient’s View” catergory. To find catergories just scroll down the right side of the page.

Leave yours paragraph below in the comments. If you want us to put your words over a particular picture you can email the picture to lisa@whatislyme.com.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for.

triciasaying.jpg (2)


me (2)


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