A Mother’s View: Watching your Child Suffer from Lyme Disease

Cee Cee’s Experience

A message to other parents regarding her daughter’s experience with Lyme Disease.

“Today was hard for me as a mom. For those of you who know me and my family you know that my husband suffers horribly from an autoimmune disorder called Chronic Lyme. What you may not know is so does our oldest daughter.

I pray none of you had to witness what I had to today. Our oldest suffers horribly from joint pain, hearing loss, anxiety and migraines. Today her symptoms were so bad that when I came home from work she could barely get out of bed.

When I convinced her to take a shower she could barely take her clothes off because her joints and muscles hurt so bad. She was having tremors so badly that she could barely stand. When she finally made her way into the shower she fell. SHE FELL!!! Because her tremors were so bad, my 17 year old daughter fell in the shower like a 90 year old lady.

She was sobbing and crying and begging us to stop her pain. She was yelling out that she didn’t want to be sick anymore. It destroyed me. It rocked me to the core.

If you don’t know about Lyme, please educate yourself. Don’t be ignorant. Don’t think that what the CDC says about it is true. I have had too many friends and my family go through this awful disease. It’s painful. It’s expensive. It’s hard to treat and even if you are blessed enough to find a doctor who believes in Chronic Lyme or even treats it, the barriers of insurance, and being able to afford treatment are enormous.

Our child is a 17 year old girl who was coaching a basketball team of young girls two days ago. Today she couldn’t take a shower because she couldn’t stand. Please learn as much as you can. Don’t let this happen to you.”

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A Mom Shares her One Year Old Daughter’s Lyme Story

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