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logo_frontWhatislyme.com began as a project by me, Lisa Hilton, a Lyme patient. When I first got lisa hiltondiagnosed with Lyme Disease back in 2005 after being sick since 1991, I was shocked at the confusing and conflicting information regarding Lyme Disease.

I got overwhelmed really quickly by the differences in what the doctors were telling me and what patients were telling me.

I decided to start collecting any information I found regarding tick borne infections, as I learned that “Lyme is just not Lyme,” and started putting together a sort of “directory” for information regarding Lyme Disease and co infections.

So began my journey of collecting research, patient opinions, different protocols and therapies that were being used, whether traditional or not.

Nothing on this site is medical advice. It is just a collection of information and experiences that I have learned through my own journey and other patient’s journeys through Lyme disease and co infections. Lyme disease is actually a journey through many different conditions, infections, diseases and disorders, and throw in some gene mutations while you are at it.

Yes, as I said, Lyme Disease is overwhelming, and Lyme is not just Lyme. I hope this website will help you in finding any information to help you along your way to understanding what is happening to you and to better and quicker healing.


~Lisa Hilton

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