Arda Manoukian

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Arda Manoukian, 50, California

1957 – 2007

Arda Manoukian, a nutritionist, from Newbury Park in Southern California, passed October 2, 2007. Arda was removed from life support at the wishes of her medical directive which also detailed her Lyme disease and co-infections diagnosis. Arda died from a heart attack, it is not known if this is connected to Lyme disease or not. Her family has written comments below further explaining her situation, please scroll down to the the comment section to read them.

Arda cared about people, and she was an expert at preparing healthy recipes and would take the time to explain the intricate details of ingredients, and preparation. In fact, Arda wrote an article in the Lyme Times on nutrition.

She was a warm and generous person and will be missed by her family, friends and the Lyme community.

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