Buck Roy Benoist

Buck Roy Benoist

Buck Roy Benoist

Buck died on August 30 at 2:40 p.m., two weeks to the day after he was admitted to the VA Hospital. He was 66.
Looking at one of the last photos taken of Buck Roy Benoist, one gets the impression he was a fit man, not rugged in statute but rugged in looks, with a demeanor that implied he was a man of the American West.In fact he was-hailing from South Dakota and a member of the Lakota Indian Tribe, with a last name that hints he was partly a descendent of a one of the many French-Canadian trappers who helped settle that rugged part of the country. How he ended up in Exeter, RI is a story that started out in happiness for two people who found a late-in-life relationship and ended last August in tragedy, the latter caused by a tick carrying a disease.

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This is a square made for the Lyme Quilt by Christina Murphy in honor of Buck.

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