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imageedit_13_3441885467The Situation: My family has been through a very hard year. Our house had mold really bad and made me really sick. I got so sick I almost died in June. We have been living in a tent for 9 weeks with our kids while waiting to find a house to rent that won’t make me or my family sick. We are getting our house pretty much gutted out and we had to get rid of everything, so we are starting completely over with furniture and household items.

 My kids deserve Christmas but when we finally get in a house we are going to have to replace everything like we had a fire. Because of Lyme makes Toxic mold posion a lot worse. When we weren’t in a tent or the car we check in the only ECO friendly hotel I could stay at. It will be 5 months on Sunday since I have lived in a house with my kids that both have Chronic Lyme.

In Need Of:

  • We are in need of gift cards so we can buy things that will help us from getting mold in our home.
  • We need help with down payment for new apartment. We have a application on one right now that we are waiting on that is brand new with concrete floors downstairs. I plan on living downstairs until the chemicals go away in the carpet upstairs.
  •  I need defusers for every room. We need a pure air system that costs $1,000.
  • We need air purifiers.
  • We also need nice heaters for the rooms because the house is gas I have been told try not to run gas heat unless we have to.
  • I would like for my kids to get something for Christmas after the year they have had.
  • Please Pray and thank you for your Prayers 
  • My kids are Cameron is 18 boy Anna is 13, so age appropriate gifts are appreciated.

Thank you for reading my story. I know I am asking for a whole lot. We have chronic sickness plus it’s like we had a fire where we have to replace everything. We just bought 3 sets of new mattress in Jan. Now we need to replace them again. Also we had to throw away our washer and dryer. But anything will help.

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