Celebrities with Lyme Disease


Celebrities with Lyme Disease

We tried to make a page for most of these celebrities. Each time someone puts out a new article, video or news clip talking about their struggle with Lyme disease we will add it to their page. So to keep track of your favorite celebrity and how they are doing with their Lyme disease battle, please click on the names below.

If you are listed on this article and prefer not to be, please just contact us here and we will remove you. If you are a celebrity that would like to do a guest post or have some news you want to get out about your Lyme journey please contact us here.

Celebrities who have Lyme Disease

If you know of anyone who should be added on, leave the name in the comment box and I will add them. 

Please also Visit:

PSA (Public Service Announcements) done by Celebrities for Lyme Disease

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