Chiara Cassuoli-Davide RIP 11/16/2017


 Chiara Cassuoli-Davide

Chiara, 25 years old,  passed away on November 16, 2017.

From her Obituary:

“Chiara was a courageous, loving, caring, talented, beautiful fifteen year old when a mysterious brain degeneration took over her life. She spoke several languages, excelled in music, loved nature and animals, and was academically astute. Her magnanimous spirit and soul transformed her family and those who knew her.

Chiara’s symptoms began with nightmares, headaches and memory loss. There were little signs and a strange feeling that even she could not explain. This unknown illness progressed to where she was left fully debilitated.

And so, the ten year journey unfolded. Despite numerous admissions to hospitals, a multitude of tests, including vector-borne diseases, and the efforts of doctors around the world, her illness remained undiagnosed. Chiara’s valiant spirit gave her miraculous strength to endure the relentless, unforgiving days and years ahead.

Chiara was lovingly cared for at home until her last day of life. Her final hours were peaceful at the Margaret Bahen Hospice where she was surrounded by the love of family, friends, pets, and compassionate caregivers.

In life, Chiara’s embodiment of love, peace, and compassion played an inspirational role on earth. In death, her body will contribute to essential medical advances in hopes of furthering our understanding of the mysteries of the brain.

Chiara’s legacy lives on…”

Read Chiara’s Full Obituary Here

Read Chiara’s Story Here

Donations in memory of Chiara will support Palliative Care, The Sick Kids Palliative Advanced Care Team PACT.

A Prayer written by Chiara when she was 14 years old.

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