Christine Anne Kiefer-Hellmund



Christine Anne Kiefer-Hellmund

We do not know the details of what happened. But it has been reported to us that today we lost Christine. Many of us knew and worked with Christine on Lyme awareness projects. She was a huge support to many Lyme friends. She ran  Deutsche Lyme Borreliose Hilfe and

We do know that Christine had children she loved, including a young toddler. Family she loved and many friends. She will be missed greatly and one day we will unite with her. Out of pain, in our new bodies. ♥

Die Beisetzung findet am Samstag, den 18. Juni um 14:30 Uhr in Beckingen-Haustadt in der Kirche Sankt Mauritius statt.

The funeral takes place on Saturday , 18 June at 14:30 in Beckingen – Haustadt in Sankt Mauritius.

If you have any information on her funeral or want to share memories of Christine, or just want to share your condolences please post them in the comments below.

Please Join her Facebook Online Memorial Page Here.







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