Daniel Corso and Tanner Cookson: Ride for Lyme Cyclists


Each day of May for Lyme Awareness Month in 2015, whatislyme.com would like to recognize someone in the Lyme community that has done something to try to help the Lyme community. There are several “unsung heroes” in our community and we would  like to just offer them a little recognition and make sure that their achievements and efforts don’t go  unnoticed.

Today we would like to honor Daniel Corso and Tanner Cookson.

Nominated by: Merina Brisdon

Ride for Lyme Canada
Tanner (right) and Daniel (left)

Daniel and Tanner

Daniel and Tanner have been friends since second grade.  They grew up in Ontario and remained friends. After watching what his friend Adelaine went through with her battle with Lyme disease, Daniel decided he wanted to start the Adelaine Project. The Adelaine Project is an 8,000 km bicycle journey across Canada through which Daniel and Tanner want to bring attention to Lyme Disease and those suffering from it. Their goal is to help change the lives of Canadians who suffer with Lyme Disease.

Website: Ride for Lyme
Facebook: Ride for Lyme
Instragram: Ride for Lyme
Twitter: Ride for Lyme

ride for lyme 1

Their ride kicked off on May 11 in Maple Ridge B.C. and will end in St Johns, NL on July 8th, with many stops in between.

See the “Ride for Lyme” Route Here



See More Pictures on “Ride for Lyme’ on Instragram

If you would like to donate to the Ride for Lyme, there are two things they are collecting money for:

1. CanLyme.com: Canlyme is currently seeking donations to fund necessary post mortem and live subject human tissue and fluid study looking for the prevalence of the Borrelia bacteria in all those people diagnosed with all these other diagnoses.


2. Costs for the Ride: These donations will go directly towards our travel and food costs throughout the trip. We appreciate all your support!

Donate to Tanner
Donate to Daniel

It is always great how the Lyme community supports each other. When friend’s and family members step up, to help spread awareness it seems particularly special and we are hoping by posting this story, it will inspire other friends and family members to help support their loved ones who are suffering from Lyme disease. We need more people like Daniel and Tanner.


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