Dawn Carlson RIP

Dawn Carlson

We were notified by one of Dawn’s good friends, “Dawn Carlson, of Minnesota, is one more lost due to Lyme disease. Dawn was born April 8, 1970, the daughter of Duane and Darlene Carlson and grew up in Lancaster Minnesota. Dawn graduated from Northland Community College then went on to attend the State Cloud University, she played on the women’s golf team for both colleges.

Dawn moved home to Lancaster in 2006 after resigning her job because of health problems. Dawn discovered the many health problems she had was from tick borne infections/lyme disease from a deer tick bite. She dedicated the rest of her shortened life to advocating for Lyme disease awareness.

Dawn’s good friend, Angela Castle says even in her passing, Dawn is still helping others as her sister has donated to their Lyme support group,  to help them train doctors to be Lyme literate.

Read more about Dawn Here. ♥

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