DC Volunteers for Mayday 2013

Here is a list of the volunteers that live in or close to DC or plan on being in DC the day of the protest. 

Lisa Colbert
Contact: licolbert@gmail.com
Activities Volunteered For: Local errands and set up at rally.

Jodi Osler
Contact: jodioslershroyer@gmail.com
Activities Volunteered For: I to would like to volunteer for light duties such as passing out fliers information etc

Karen Durm
Contact:  Facebook Page
Activities Volunteered For: Local activities, planning

Bambi Albert
Will be helping again with  name tags and the welcoming table.

Jules Egan
Lives in the area and will be helping again this year.

Nichele Rose
I could run a table of some sort but I’m not sure , you might already have enough people? I could help with flyers, setting up, wherever I can help. I’m thinking of maybe making wristbands for the event to pass out if that’s okay. Contact: Facebook


Chris Nimphius

Dave Mack

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