Depression and Lyme Poll

 How many of you have dealt with depression?

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Comments Left by Lyme Patients

  • my daughter has severe intractable depression, with severe intractable insomnia with it.
  •  *Raises two hands*
  •  I did!
    Severe depression….to the point of suicidal thoughts
  • definitely
  • dealing some days and some days well…under the rock…for my own protection..
  • Off the charts depression…..Chronic illness in it of itself causes depression, and then when the lyme manifests itself in our brains its a depression train wreck! oy….have to take antidepressants
  • Yes
  •  yep
    Has been one of my worst, most debilitating sx!
  • I deal with depression and suicidal ideations daily and have for years even before my diagnoses.
  • me
  • Extreme
  •  For over 20 years
  • definately have.
  •  Me but haven’t since I got off medication for it. Weird huh?
  • Off and on through treatment. Just told myself it was temporary.
  • severe
  •  On and off for many years. In the beginning it was major and had suicide thoughts.
  •  off and on for many years, better now knowing whats wrong with me and getting treated for lymes and babs.
  • yes
  • Severe
  • Yes,severe depression:(
  • mild
  • Regular depression at how my life is, but severe severe when on treatment and now evens more so that I’m not treating
  • Yupp, it vanished fast when I got an i.V. theraphie
  • Totallt. How can you not when your entire life has been taken away from you from a disease that you can’t even get treated.
  • Had it all my life but severe last several years
  •  YES
  •  yes
  • Check!
  • Me
  •  Yes
  • for over 20 yrs, right about the time I contracted Lyme and no one believed me
  • Definitely…
  • Me
  • Yes. Before diagnosis and most definitely after the struggles of chronic illness are depressing.
  • yes
  • I have
  • I don’t know of anyone with lyme that doesn’t deal with depression at one time or another. my doc just increased my dosage and its really helped. sick for years and yeats, who would not be depressed that the life they had was over, only to try and start another one with such limitations and still remain optimistic. dealing with insurance, being a burden, not being able to do what ur greatest passion is, watch others do your work.. its a struggle for us all. GOD PLEASE help and bless us all
  •  No depression
  • Only when I take Doxy
  • It was always with me, looming over me.
  •  Always. Sometimes worse sometimes better.
  • Yes absolutely
  • me but its from not feeling good i don’t knw anyone who wldnt be i suppose
  • Daily.
  • i think everyone who has lyme has experienced it;(
  • constant battle
  • Used to be bad. I only surround myself with people that care. I have had to let go and move on.
     i have felt despair while sick… I always say We are not sick because we are depressed, We are depressed because we are sick!!!
  • I have not really had depression from Lyme. i did have postpartum depression in 1994 after the birth of my 2nd child I don’t feel it was lyme related. ?
  • Yes! Off and on for the last 5 years. At one point before I became pregnant with my daughter I was suicidal. I had had enough trying to figure what was wrong with me. God sent me a life line when he gave me her. I’ve still dealt with depression but not been suicidal anymore. I know I’ve got to keep fighting.
  • Absolutely
    Definitely dealt with depression
  • Yes: One of the worst symptoms.
  •  About 4-5 years into the disease i felt like I was in a deep dark pit lasted off and on for about year.
  • My whole life until I was treated. 25 yrs.
  • Diagnosed with depression before we knew I had Lyme.
  • me… really really dark bouts would come up during treatment…
  • depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and the list goes on.
  • yes, in my younger days, not so much nowadays
  • yep Depression was one of the dx I rec’d when looking for answers as to why I can’t walk, etc.
  • but, the pills they gave me for depression depressed me.
  • Worst symtom during the whole lyme ride.
  • When Lyme takes your whole life away from you, when your stuck in bed looking at walls, it’s very hard not to be depressed. I look outside , and see the whole world moving, and I am not inside not living my life anymore. What Lyme does it us , is really sad.
  • For a very, very long time.
  • Me
  • I scrolled to fast, was there a no in here, I doubt it a big YES here
  • Yes
  • I fight it constantly. My family help pull me up when I start to get low.
  • bouts came and went b4 ever knowing what it all was- but always snapped mself out of it b4 “bad” but then again who’s to say anything everyone dif that is just how it worked for me than after Lyme dx def, been few (long) bouts- bc of family and relationship having to struggle to stay afloat 5 years later self educating and learning from all of my beautiful unfairly dx friends here I am not “depressed” per say this devious monster of infections just takes me down whenever it wants but def been dx repeatedly by dr for sx having NOTHING to do with depresion- that was there answer to every prob well u can imagine how that went over even before dx…..
  • All the time


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