Doctors Getting Sued for Not Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease

Lyme Patients Suing Doctors

After decades of Lyme patients being rejected, pushed aside, pushed off to other doctors, they are fighting back. Throughout history we have always fought back, with protests, with news interviews, with Lyme walks, rides and and a multitude of educational and awareness events, but this time, we Lyme patients are fighting back through legislation and court cases.

Some states have already passed bills protecting doctors that are willing to treat Lyme patients long term. Now some patients are directly suing the doctors that are failing or refusing to test, diagnose and treat them.

Here is a collection of people and/or groups of people suing doctors for not diagnosing them with Lyme disease or not treating them appropriately for it.

♦ We will add onto this post as more information comes to us regarding the lawsuits that are starting to happen around the world.

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