lyme deaths

Dr. John Drulle

lyme deaths

Dr. John Drulle

graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1967 before receiving his Doctor of Medicine. Dr. Drulle was a pioneer in the fight against Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, working toward educating the public about the need for prevention, treatment and research on tick-borne infections with special concerns regarding the effects of Lyme disease on pregnant women and the unborn.

Because protocols were uncertain in the early days of this disease, he would never give a patient a medicine unless he tried it on himself first, because he himself was infected with Lyme as well as other tick-borne diseases.

To say his practice was patient-centered is an understatement – he would go so far as to pick up prescriptions and deliver them to a patient’s house when they were too sick to do so themselves. Even when he himself was battling chronic fatigue and pain, he kept a positive outlook and sense of humor. John Drulle was truly a blessing to all who knew him until he succumbed to Lyme. His many articles and presentations paved the way for proper diagnosis and treatment for all who were to follow.

Drulle died November 7, 2003 after a valiant battle with Lyme and co-infections.

The Life and Work of John Drulle, M.D. 1944-2003

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