Dr John Hoffmann, RIP 5/7/2017

deathDr John Hoffmann, RIP

There are no words that can express the loss the Lyme disease community is feeling right now at the news of the passing of Dr H, as Lyme patients called him.

Dr H was loved by all. He had Lyme disease himself and never would turn a Lyme patient away. Condolences and prayers going out to all his patients, family and friends.

Below is a eulogy written for Dr Hoffmann by Mike Nichols and also a  summary of Dr Hoffman’s last moments form someone who was on the scene.

Services will be held at:

  • St. Kilian Catholic Church in Hartford thurs 4-7. The address is 428 Forest St, Hartford, WI 53027
  • Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Kilian Catholic Church, on
    Friday, May 12 at 10:30 a.m.
  • Committal Service will be held at Clearwater Lake Cemetery on Friday, May 12 at 4:30 p.m.
  • A gathering will be held after the committal to continue the memories and fellowship at the Oneida Village in Three Lakes, WI.
  • In lieu of flowers, memorials are appreciated to:
    St. Kilian Catholic Church, St. Theresa Catholic Church, Three Lakes, WI or www.wisconsinlymenetwork.org
  • Dr Hoffmann’s Legacy Page


Lots of people showed up at Docs funeral and services. Family , friends, Lyme patients and doctors came out to say goodbye. It was a bittersweet day as we were there to say goodbye to Doc, yet we got to meet his family, who were so very sweet, see pics of Docs past, from childhood through now, and reminisce with other patients he was treating too. Other Lyme doctors and naturopaths showed up to not only say goodbye but to let us know they will take over some of his cases.

We would love to hear your stories about Dr Hoffmann, your experiences with him, and if you have pictures of him please email them to wheresthekarma@yahoo.com and we will post them for you.

Also, if you hear news of which doctors might pick up his patients please let us know as a lot of people will be lost without him now and will need to seek out a new Lyme doctor. Thank you.

Here is his eulogy written by Mike Nichols:

Dear Lyme Community,

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dr. John G. Hoffmann. “Doc” as he was affectionately called by everyone will be greatly missed. Dr. Hoffmann’s remarkable life and caring was taken on May 7th 2017.

Dr. Hoffmann successfully treated thousands of lyme patients over the years. His labor of love for his patients often came at great personal cost to himself. In those trying times the lyme community rallied around the man who sacrificed so much. I recall vividly the outpouring of letters and support from Mom’s and Dad’s thankful that their wheelchair bound children could run on the track team again or their child that had lost the ability to speak in complete sentences was now an honor student. He pulled dozens of children out of wheelchairs. Hundreds of these letters and testimonials to Dr. Hoffmann were placed into a binder and given to him many years ago so he knew how much everyone loved and appreciated him. I wonder how many disabled children his detractors pulled from wheelchairs ?

Broken bodies and crushed spirits hobbling down the steps of his tiny basement office to regain the hope that we had all lost so long ago. A $125 office visit so your child could walk again. Many could not afford even this token amount. Doc would get paid in chickens and be thankful for the eggs.

Dr. Hoffmann offered three things to all his patients. Calm, hope, and finally, healing. His quiet confidence, his fatherly knowledge, his straight talk, his cowboy boots and hat presented a man genuine in spirit and compassionate in heart. He afforded himself the luxury of a two-week hunting vacation each fall out west. Riding Amtrak, viewing the wide expanse of the western United States while the size paled in comparison to the diameters of his heart.

Dr. Hoffmann’s own lyme disease battle had a resurgence several months ago but he never wavered in treating his patients. We all owe our lives and the lives of our loved ones to Dr. John Gregory Hoffmann.

There is only one “Doc”. There will be no other.

With sincerity and great appreciation,
Your Friends

Doc Memorial Video made from your comments and pictures below. ♥

Gallery of Memories with Doc

If you have a picture you would like us to include please email it to wheresthekarma@yahoo.com

Doc’s last moments

This was sent into us from one of the people who arrived at the scene of Doc’s car accident.

“I am compelled to write this after learning a little about the man in the overturned van in the ditch on hwy 49, just South of Elderon Wisconsin on May 7th 2017.

It was a beautiful Spring Sunday and we were celebrating a first Holy Communion and a birthday event with the whole family. We just finished watching the children open their gifts and cards and were ready to have cake and ice cream. I glanced out the front window and couldn’t help but notice a few of the nieces outside, start down the driveway in a concerned sort of way.

A few others also noticed this. As more people headed out the door there was a feeling of some sort of urgency. The driveway is long and it took a minute or two to get to the highway. As I approached the highway I was able to see what the concern was all about.

There was a van overturned in the ditch. A few other cars were stopped and there was a small group around the vehicle trying to open the sliding side door. I quickly joined my brother inlaw to try to open it. We could not open it enough for someone to gain access into the vehicle so I quit trying that door and noticed that I may be able to squeeze through the partly opened passenger door. So I went in.

Once inside after a quick glance around I saw no one. There was a lot of debree covering the entire floor which was really the ceiling. After moving a few things I noticed boots, toes pointing up. I instantly realized it was a person. I started to uncover this person by removing all of the debree from him carefully.

I was able to remove everything from him except a small plastic bag covering the upper part of his face. I did notice a mustach and a little movement from his lips, so I knew he was alive. At that point I realized I heard my nephews wife say Kevin, get out of there! She is a first responder and I was in the way. She took over and I joined my wife and another lady to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet for this person.

Many others were praying. Finally the emergency personal arrived and it was a little while before they were able to get him out of the vehicle. They got him out just as the helicopter arrived. They put him in the ambiulance to shuttle him over to the helicopter in the farm field. The helicopter team along with my nephews wife got him stablized enough to get him on the helicopter and off to the hospital. We were hopeful that this person would be OK.

This was a horrible experience for the entire family. And we could not help feeling attached to this person in a special way and feel it was providential that we were there at this time and place to help in the ways wo could. My wife, along with many others I’m sure, could not sleep most of the night. Many prayers were said for him that evening. We did know later that he was a doctor from Waupaca from some of the personal items at the accident site.

Today we did learn who this person was, Dr. John Hoffman. Just from a little read off of one of the lyme sites on the internet makes me feel sad not to have known this person under different circumstances. I can’t wait to meet him !

This is what happened to Dr. John Hoffmen on May 7th, 2017. A personal account of Kevin K. Stevens Point, WI.”

Ode to
Dr. John G. Hoffmann
by Kim Cerull 5/27/17

I feel lost without him
He was in my corner and gave me hope
I would arrive at his office with a list of questions
Y E T often I became speechless, and overwhelmed with the gravity of treating my whole family
Will my daughter T H R I V E, and her funny sense of humor return
Will my son laugh and his eyes S P A R K L E as they did so long ago
Will my husband remain healthy and still L O V E me when I’m finally well
My questions were met with kindness and his words of wisdom, wrung with brisk
C A N D O R , would make me L A U G H
he was a M A N of few words, but every word had W E I G H T
it was the tacit S P A C E between us, words said and not said that gave me H O P E
i B E L I E V E you
Y O U will get better
i  U N D E R S T A N D what you’re feeling
what you’re experiencing is R E A L and not uncommon
dependable and always R E T U R N I N G a phone call with new insight
an unexpected H U G when I felt my world C R U M B L I N G around me
he T R U S T E D me and my instincts and gave it L I F E
Just as I began to lose faith in my treatment path, I received a handwritten note from Dr. Hoffmann in the mail with new prescriptions. A new strategy to navigate an untapped path towards healing.
Doctor Hoffmann saved my LiFE
His imprint on my S O U L is permanently marked and for that . . . . .
I A M G R A T E F U L.

Video made by Deb LeBarbera as a tribute to Dr Hoffmann

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