One thought on “Kathy and Doc”

  1. I really cared about Doc. H. I remember the last conversation I said don’t die we need you.
    He said keep doing what you are they need you.

    I just found out today as I went to get my med’s refilled. The pharmacist told me. A shock to say the least to hear it at Wal mart.

    He was a good man. A real doctor at Lymes and human study. He was a man of passion for those struck down with this illness. I know not where I will go now for treatment. I am so alone with my beagle. And my Lyme.

    He was a very good doctor and an example of what human beings should strive to be.

    So I feel and believe. Doctor Hoffman lived life to help others. He was very kind and good.

    He told me last time I spoke to him. He said what you do is good Jill as well. He was just that kind of a ma

    I cannot afford another doctor, not at huge prices. I don’t know what to do. Maybe drive to Fondulac, A far drive I live in a small town in N. Wis. It is painful to drive too long.

    He was a good man. Jill

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