Dr Phil Show about Lyme Disease will air on…

Brooke Landau, Emmy Award Winning Weathercaster with the CW Network in San Diego will appear on the Dr. Phil Show on Friday, April 13th. Brooke shares her 17 battle with Lyme Disease. One which some doctors have called, the worst documented case in the country. Brooke went to bed fine one day, and woke up paralyzed. She overcame that battle and today she continues to fight and survive. Brooke’s survival story has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC, Discovery Health, Mystery ER, CW Network…and now the Dr. Phil Show. Brooke says she continues to speak out for those you can’t.
LLMD, Dr. Chitra Bhakta will also be on the show. Thank you to both of you brave women!
Here is the Link to Email the Dr. Phil Show to show your support for his show on Lyme Disease with Brooke Landau and LLMD, Dr. Chitra Bhakta.

Email Dr Phil Here

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