Healing from Lyme Disease Goes Way Deeper then Killing Bacteria

healing from Lyme disease

How do we get Past the Anger?

by Lisa Hilton

As the new year rolls in we are all making resolutions and thinking of new starts, saying goodbye to the pains of yesterday and hello to the new hopes of tomorrow.

If you are reading this post you are likely to have Lyme disease or at least be taking care of someone who does. Likely you have seen year after year pass, with maybe not a lot of progress. You have probably tried dozens of antibiotics, anti microbials, supplement, diets and so on. I am sure you have spent a ton of money on remedies and things to aid in killing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

But healing from Lyme seems to run deep. Healing from Lyme is not just about killing bacteria. It seems there are more lessons in Lyme for us, such as we learn about compassion, patience, empathy. But sadly we also learn isolation, rejection, denial, to be ignored, to have to fight and survive when you have not one iota of energy left in your cells to fight with.

So, my point is we have to pay attention to this side of Lyme too and deal with it. I don’t really know the “hows” of how to do this. There are a lot of people out there like Jenny Rush from Lyme Thriving,  Jenna Wright from Basically Well and Amy Scher who do this type of coaching. I don’t know the answers on how as I’m learning those approach myself, but I just want to bring these aspects up so we can go through this together.

I would like to hear how other Lyme patients got past the anger of Lyme and it’s injustices. Please share your experiences below. Also Read the Answers from Facebook Here.

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