Help with the defense for Dr Bovenzi, another pedicatrician under attack for treating Lyme disease.

 Message from Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D.,

Please disseminate this information regarding a Legal Defense Fund for Kari Bovenzi, M.D. a fine young pediatrician who is under investigation the NYS OPMC for using her best medical judgment to heal her young child patients suffering from Lyme disease and other TBDs. It is important that she be enabled to successfully defend herself, and in order to do so she is seeking contributions to her legal defense fund. Dr. Bovenzi’s successful defense is vital not only to her but to all physicians engaged in trying to help persons with tick-borne diseases, an area where diagnostic testing methods remain imperfect, clinical judgement is paramount, and end-point of treatment must be determined by clinical response because several of the tick-borne infections have been demonstrated to be capable of persistence despite application of anti-microbial therapy.
Also, there are precious few pediatricians to care of children ill with tick-borne diseases.
It is imperative that all (physician colleagues, patients, parents, advocates) unite to support Dr. Bovenzi. Presently, financial support for her to fund her legal defense is her most pressing need. We do not know how long this process may go on. Whatever the duration, we must be prepared to lend whatever support we reasonably can.
Please pass this appeal for fund-raising for Dr. Bovenzi on to any and all who may be likely to lend their assistance.

Very truly yours,

Kenneth B. Liegner, M.D.
Here are the links to donation sites:

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