How many drs did it take you to get diagnosed with Lyme?

How many drs did it take you to get diagnosed with Lyme?

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  • 10
  •  Too many to count! 7 negative tests before positive through igenex.
  •  mine is your first and probably ony disappointment… 1
    Alexis’s whole life, so I’d say 20
  • Hard to answer this one since I was diagnosed till I as 30… Who knows how many docs I saw as a kid…
  • 5 doctors, 17 appts
  • 14, almost a year
  • At least 6 maybe more
  • 5
  • After 22 yrs. Undiagnosed and I wasn’t keeping track, so I can’t really say but a guess would be 15.
  • Years of doctors, I’m thinking around 10 ish Including Infectious disease neurologist GPs walk in clinics oh God okay the list goes on…….. Santa Barbara specialty hospital many doctors there probably over 10 that’s okay we’ll just say 10
  • Probably in the 15-20 range.
  •  15-20 range
  • My whole life… I’d guesstimate around 40
  • 10 including 1 that I saw about 6x with more and more symptoms she never connected the dots : (
  • 25 in 3 years
  • I had to figure it out with the computer and literally 2 fingers left working and then tell my fill in family dr after 10 drs and 25 appointments at least, 5 months.The walk in dr came close,asked me if I had been bit by a bug ,but at the time I couldn’t remember that and was having trouble walking so I wasn’t thinking about bites.
  • First time one, then cured  The second time about 32.
  •  Over 20 yrs.
  • like Jeannie, the first time just one, got better after doxy. the second time I have seen 33 doc. my wallet is empty and im still in bed and tired all the time. he now says that I don’t have lyme anymore but cfs. what the heck??
  •  No joking, I cant even count….i’d have to actually sit down and write them all down and recount my memory over the last 20 yrs…..I can tell you its at least 25
  • At least 7 but that doesn’t count all the specialists like neurologists etc.
  • over 20
  • 8 over 4+ years…and the final doctor to give us the lyme diagnosis based on symptoms was our veterinarian! We followed up on that with a lyme doc who was pitiful, and finally our wonderful LLMD that we currently use.
  • 10+ cant remember but would have been more. I figured it out and had to insist on testing. Took 3 yrs of horrible pain, seizures, black outs, numbness, fatigue and migraines. Infectious disease and neuro. are the worst that wont listen and arrogant. Then after figuring out, been to probably around ten more until I found one that has a clue how to help even knowing whats wrong. Disgusting.
  • One internal medicine doc. One rheumatologist. One neurologist. And too many ER doctors to count! At that point, I gave up on doctors altogether and turned to the internet. I felt I was dying. I knew it was up to me to save my own life. Finally, through much internet research, I discovered Lyme. I thought my symptoms fit to a T. After that, I found a LLMD and had my diagnosis confirmed. I have had Lyme and co-infections for over 25 years and wasn’t diagnosed until 2008, 23 years after becoming infected.
  • 22 in two years, then I moved, and havent found one yet.
  • I was lucky I saw 8 before LLMD
  • Five
  • About fifteen to twenty and about eight years
  • About 10, but including specialists probably 14.
  •  Over 30. Mostly specialists.
  • 20+
  •  1
  • 1 but was symptomatic a year first.
  • 5 plus
  • 13+
  • I diagnosed myself using the Internet. Luckily the diagnosis got confirmed by my doctor because his assistant misinterpreted the negative test result. My second doctor already was a specialist.
  • over 30
  • 15+
  • Second one treated me for it but was just a gp and is still treatibg me for pain and others. Confirmation came from two more llmds.
  • Over 30
  • 20+ years. 16 for my two girls……
  • 30 ish
  •  20+
  • 7 or 8. No where near most.
  • 65
  • 30+
  • 5
  • 14
  • 5
  • 15+
  • honestly
  • 14
  • I honestly don’t know. probably around 25 in 18 yrs of searching. The thing is, I went to the same DO for 15 of those years and I probably saw him over 100 times just treating sx cause he never thought to test for lyme. So asking how many Drs we’ve seen doesn’t really answer encompass what most of us have dealt with in terms of getting answer from drs. does that even make sense? lol
  •  8
  • 4.
  •  7 idiots!
  • 5
  •  39
  •  100 + *sigh*. Why did I end up getting most of the jerks?
  • 7
  • I can’t count that high anymore!
  • It is still happening too. Yes, I know I have Lyme and am being treated for it but there is damage that has been done to my body that needs surgery to fix. I have seen at least a dozen docs in the last 4 years trying to get that issue fixed. They just don’t get it!
  •  2, because i when i saw a bullseye rash on my arm, my husband said “you have lyme disease!” and i went to my PCP, who of course, said its not. So i looked for an LLMD.
  • 12.
  • Gazillions.
  • over 20
  • 26 years
  • It took me 11 doctors and 10 years before they finally diagnosed me. Infectious disease doctor refused to believe diagnosis and only did 30 day PICC line. Doctor that diagnosed me advised ” well that is that, now we just treat the symptoms as they come”. I have now had lyme for 13-15 years now.
  • 10
  • About 15 it was an eye surgeon who actually figured it out
  • 30+
  •  5

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