IDSA Lyme Disease Guidelines Protest in Boston, 2011

The Boston Lyme Disease IDSA Guidelines Protest

lyemagThe Boston IDSA Lyme Patient Protest

On October 22nd, 2011, several protesters stood outside the Boston Convention center to protest against the IDSA guidelines for treating Lyme Disease. Since the early 1970’s there has been lots of controversy about how to test for, and treat Lyme Disease. While the IDSA puts out their guidelines stating that Lyme is hard to catch, easy to diagnose, and simple to treat, the opposing camp ILADS has a whole different opinion. They believe these patients need to be diagnosed based on symtpoms and not relying on faulty tests. They also believe that many patients do not get better with three week of antibiotics like the IDSA claims and need long term antibiotic treatment.

While they two teams are battling it out, Lyme Patients are suffering and getting refused treatment. Many cant afford Lyme treatment since insurance companies pay for treatments based on what the IDSA says. So if they say patients need a positive Lyme test and IF it is positve then only three weeks of antiobiotics, then that’s all insurance companies will pay for.

Lyme patients, like myself, are sick of being stuck in the middle and are putting their voices out there to be heard. We are not going to just sit back and watch our lives being destroyed while high powered doctors are determining what treatment we need based on their own egos and not on science. To see more research links proving the case for chronic or persistant Lyme, please go to Lyme Disease Research.

Written by: Lisa Hilton

Pictures of the Boston IDSA Lyme Patient Protest




Flash Mob Death Scene that Lyme patients did in front of the Boston IDSA Conference.

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Boston IDSA Lyme Patient Protest
IDSA doctors watching Lyme patients protest from the windows.
IDSA Doctors watching Lyme Patients Protest at their annual convention in Boston.
IDSA Doctors watching Lyme Patients Protest at their annual convention in Boston.
Lyme patients talking to a IDSA Researcher who was curious about Lyme Disease.
Lyme patients talking to a IDSA Researcher who was curious about Lyme Disease.


Boston Lyme Patient Protest
Boston Lyme Patient Protest



Durland Fish, one of the original Lyme guideline writers,
yelling at Tim Grey.

Right before these pictures were caught, Durland Fish, came out of the IDSA conference and started yelling at me, (Lisa Hilton) and telling me I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about. Tim Grey saw him and confronted him on his sister, Lori Halle’s death. He then proceeded to run down this bridge yelling that we were all crazy and didn’t know what we were talking about as Tim continued to follow and confront him.

And the best group of pictures caught by Bryan Clare, Lyme patient, Amy Clare’s husband.

You can see me running behind Tim and Fish taping the whole incident. Or so I thought. To my frustrating I had thought I hit the “record” button but didn’t. I wish so badly I had caught all this on tape.

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