Make the “Double Pinkie Swear Promise” Suicide Prevention

lymie double pinkie swearDouble Pinkie Swear Promise

Lyme Disease is such a devastating disease. It is so easy to become isolated and desperate with the never ending symptoms that Lyme Disease causes. Not to mention the abandonment of friends and family, and the rejection of the medical community.

If you are feeling this way please reach out. There are lots of groups that can help. It can be hard to reach out, or even embarrassing. But those feelings  are NOTHING compared to the loss that your family and friends will feel if they lose you. So please reach out to others.

Other Lymies will understand. I’ts okay to feel lonely, depressed, angry, or alone. These are real feelings just as happiness, joy, and all those are. But remember this is an infection in your brain making you feel this way. It may be just temporary. Try to hold on. You never know what is around the  corner.

Please sign your name below and take the Pinkie Swear to never hurt yourself!

How the Pinkie Swear Got Started

Shea HermsenThere was a young boy named Shea. Shea had Lyme disease and was very sick. The day before he went to heaven he asked his mom to “double pinkie swear” that she wouldn’t ever take her own life if something happened to him.

It was hard, Roxi lived through some terrible losses, first her son, then her mom. But she kept her promise and today is on lyme treatment herself and enjoying a life with her grandkids.

Had she done something different, she wouldn’t be here enjoying her life and her two grandkids, making memories. So to honor little Shea’s wishes, I would like to ask everyone who reads this to “double pinkie swear” that you will never make the decision to take your own life.

Please close your eyes and picture yourself pinkie swearing with little Shea. Then go to the bottom of this page and sign your name in the comments section. This is your contract with Shea that you will always reach out to others when you need help and you will never do anything to hurt yourself. To read more about Shea Click Here.

Please Remember There could be a cure tomorrow.

Please Read the Following Articles

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Suicide Hotlines

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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Asist Gatekeepers_ Suicide Prevention Facebook Group

Please sign your name below and take the Pinkie Swear to never hurt yourself!


This page was written in memory of Debbie Bodden.

Poster by Jodi Osler

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