Is Lyme disease sexually transmitted? A collection of relevant links.

logo_frontThere are so many arguments either way whether Lyme is sexually transmitted or not. What gets me is that there are so many families that the whole families seem to be infected, so why are there not any studies going on? If it is because there is no funding, then maybe some media needs to be giving attention to this subject so that funding “becomes” available like it is for many less epidemic diseases.

Other Articles you May be Interested in

Culture and identification of Borrelia spirochetes in human vaginal and seminal secretions

Expanded Study Confirms that Lyme Disease May Be Sexually Transmitted

Lyme Disease: Sexually Transmitted? 

Recovery of Spirochetes in Semen

The Causes of Lyme Disease

Monogamous? This STI Won’t Care

If you know of more studies or articles please post them in comments.

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