Jo-Ann Colburn



Jo-Ann Colburn

? – 2015

Today is a sad day in the Lyme community as we learn of the passing of Jo-Ann. She was a friend to many and a great advocate for Lyme disease.

Article about Jo-Ann:

Chronic Lyme Disease, Misdiagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
Jo-Ann’s Chronic Lyme disease fight comes to a tragic end. It is with great sadness that I (Jo-Ann’s husband) must tell you that Jo-Ann’s health worsened and within the last couple of weeks she suddenly passed away. We are heartbroken but comforted in knowing that she is no longer suffering.

Jo-Ann was the Executive Vice President at Foster Survey Company. She has Lyme Disease for 15 years. At age 50, she succumbed to her illness while surrounded by our three sons and her husband.

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Tributes to Jo-Ann

Jo-Ann Colburn was one of the first Lymies i met online back in 2009. We met on Twitter. It was a small group of 5 women and they were my lifeline that first year. Jo-Ann understood about misdiagnosis, she understood about the need to stay positive. Jo-Ann was authentic. She was a good, steady friend. She kept her circle of friends tight but true. ~ Sharon Elaine Williams Rainey

I met Jo-Ann in 2010 along with Sharon when I was diagnosed. This was so difficult for me but Jo-Ann checked in on me daily and helped me through tough days. I will miss her greatly. ~ Tina Radzavich


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