John Coughlin: Online Lyme Support Advocate


Today would like to honor John Coughlin for all that he does for support to other Lyme patients.

1460245_10151934433664719_551858549_nJohn is a very nice down to earth guy that really any one can turn to. He is always “there” to help offer support when someone is going through a hard time.  John has participated in many online events and continues to support other campaigns such as The Mayday Project, Global Lyme and Invisible Illness Organisation, and runs many of his own groups. John also makes many Lyme awareness posters and memes to help spread Lyme Disease awareness around the internet. John runs the biggest Lyme Support group called, “24/7 Lyme Hotline.”

John’s Website and Facebook Groups

Welcome to Inner Peace

24/7 Lyme Support Hotline

Lyme Questions

International Lyme Disease Awareness

Future Projects:

John is currently working on a making a website called, “Lymetube.” It will be a place where eveyrone can upload their Lyme stories. Stay tuned and check back for details!

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john meme


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If John has done something to touch your life, please post in the comment below!

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