Karl McManus

Karl McManus

Karl McManus

Karl was bitten by a tick in July 2007 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. A week later he developed flu-like symptoms but, due to a lack of knowledge about Lyme disease in Australia, the tell-tale signs and potential seriousness of the tick bite were overlooked. Karl passed away suddenly on 14 July 2010. His decline and death was due to a refusal by the medical system to accept he had Lyme disease and treat him accordingly. He did not want anybody to suffer like him ever again. Karl’s full story can be found in the Karl’s Story section of this site. http://www.karlmcmanusfoundation.org.au/

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A SYDNEY woman will launch a class action against New South Wales health authorities after autopsy results showed her husband was riddled with a disease the Health Department says does not exist

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