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imageedit_13_3441885467 Please donate help for my daughter, not only am I too sick on most days and in excruciating pain everyday but now my 15 year old daughter Dana has been diagnosed with Lyme bartonella and babesia, she had a tick in her a year ago, she has very severe symptoms now, she was diagnosed on October 13, 2014 with Lyme bartonella babesia and fibromyalgia, next app in few weeks before thanksgiving. She is my number 1 priority, her awful headaches leg pain knee swelling and anxiety, abdominal pain are really getting her down and she’s been out of school a few days a week and now need help for both of us especially her.


  • Care package of food, vitamins or any buhner protocol herbs (as that is what the llmd wants me to give her)
  • Cash Donations for treatment and testing: I am on 4 different antibiotic rotations and herbals but they will run out soon and I’m out of money. Doctor also wants more testing which I don’t have the money for at all and what do you do? I feel helpless.
  • Care package gluten free low sugar foods are welcome also. I am not currently working and don’t get much financial help.
  • Gift cards for websites that sell herbals probiotics gluten free foods would be wonderful.
  • Walmart or weis gift cards for groceries.
  • My daughter needs a coat size medium juniors womans she likes blues black teal or pink
  • She aslo needs boots, like the black lace up short kind or even hiking boots, slipper type boots, something for winter.

To mail packages please contact me Kathy for address and phone number.  Pretty much any help would be greatly appreciated, also Thanks and please contact and call me, I am better on the phone than trying to type.

How to donate to Kathy:

Contact Info: If you want to send a card or gift contact Kathy for her address: Her email is kathyer@live.com

Donate to Kathy Here: http://www.gofundme.com/why-is-lyme-ignored

Note for Potential Donors: If you donate to Kathy, please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!


Wishes Granted so Far

12/7/2014  1 cash donation


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