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lyme disease questions

Lyme Questions

This category called, “Lyme Questions” on was started so that Lyme disease patients can read the experiences of other Lyme Patients. In many of the Lyme forums and on Facebook these questions get discussed but then are lost to the news feed in seconds.

So we thought if we posted them here, then people could come back and find the discussions again and be able to read at their own pace.

Remember this is not meant to be taken as medical advise. Only your doctor, Naturopath or medical provider can do that. These are the experiences that other Lyme patients have had that they are sharing with you. Not any two people will react exactly the same to any given treatment, nor will they have the same symptoms at any given time.

But with the ever changing, persistent and strange nature of Lyme disease and the other tick borne illnesses, we know it helps to know we are not alone and that others are going through similar things that you are. People are bound to share scary stories as well as the good remission stories. So don’t hang onto any one experience, you have your own journey to get through. Just educate yourself yet remain open minded and remember each person’s journey is different.

We are here to support each other through the good and the bad. So we hope this category turns out to be a supportive and educational one.

Post your Questions Below and we will make a new Blog Post for you.


Read down the list and click on the questions you are interested in answering or reading.

  1. Does anyone else with Lyme Disease ever feel unexplained shocks?
  2. How has Lyme disease affected your eyes and vision?
  3. Do any other Lyme Patients have Pain that Moves Around?
  4. Do you experience headaches or head pressure?
  5. Does Lyme Disease or co infections affect you mentally? 
  6. Does Lyme Disease cause panic attacks?
  7. Are you on a special diet for Lyme disease?
  8. How can a spouse, partner, family member or friend support someone with Lyme Disease?
  9. What is Lyme Disease?   Answer
  10. What do I do if I just got bit by a tick? Answer
  11. What are the symptoms of Lyme Disease? Answer
  12. What is the treatment for Lyme Disease? Answer
  13. If I didn’t get a rash or see a tick could I still have Lyme Disease? Answer
  14. If my Lyme test was negative do I still have Lyme Disease? Answer
  15. What are co infections? Answer
  16. What do the Lyme Abbreviations mean that I keep seeing? Answer
  17. How do I find a doctor to help me treat Lyme Disease? Answer
  18. How do I learn more about Lyme Disease in children or teenagers? Answer
  19. Are there support groups by me that meet in person? Answer
  20. Is Lyme Disease congenital? Answer
  21. Is Lyme Disease Sexually Transmitted? Answer
  22. How Do Lyme Patients survive financially?
  23. Why do I have Reactions to Everything I Eat or Drink?

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