Lyme Disease in Arizona

Arizona lyme disease information

Lyme Disease in Arizona

Here is a collection of Lyme disease support groups, events, news articles and anything relevant to Lyme disease or other tick borne infections in Arizona.

Websites/Support Groups

Lyme Disease Stats

For Lyme Disease Cases Reported in Arizona stats Click Here


  • 2016: Health department: Tick-borne diseases identified in Arizona Read Here
  • 2014: Taking a Bite out of Lyme Disease Read Here
  • News: Arizona finally recognizes people can catch Lyme disease there Read Here
  • Lyme, Arizona and Me Read Here



Worldwide Lyme Protest 2013

Photo Credit: Ellie Lobel
Photo Credit: Ellie Lobel


Worldwide Lyme Protest 2014

Lyme Patients Hold up a Sign that says: "Hold the Mayo."
Lyme Patients Hold up a Sign that says: “Hold the Mayo.”

Lyme Disease Awareness Items for Arizona

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