Lyme in Illinois

illinois lyme disesae support groups

Support Groups

Lyme Support Network

The Lyme Support Network is a non-profit service organization dedicated to making a difference by building awareness of Lyme Disease within our community.  Our primary goal is to serve as a support group for people with Lyme Disease and / or other tick-borne diseases.  Our work also includes advocacy to help increase the level of knowledge and understanding of Lyme Disease among the general public and the medical community.

 Monthly Lyme Support Meetings

Chicago Suburban Lyme

We are here for those in Illinois that think they may have Lyme Disease or in need additional support and guidance. We can help you with the information you need to get answers.  We will provide assistance in helping you get a diagnosis, testing or help you find treatment through an LLMD, a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.  We can also help you locate a Naturopath in your area if you prefer a more holistic approach.

Monthly Lyme Support Group

PILLS: Peoria Illinois Lyme LIterate Support 

A Facebook group for education and support. They also have support meetings.

Click Here for Lyme Support Meeting Information

Lyme Kids  (Lakemoor , IL)

Monthly Support Meetings
For More Information Click Here

Facebook Support Groups for Illinois

Central Illinois Lyme Disease Foundation

Illinois Lyme Chicago Suburban

PILS Peoria Illinois Lyme Support

Wisconsin & Illinois Lyme

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2014 Chicago Worldwide Lyme Protest

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Lyme Support Network


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Springfield Illinois

St Charles, Illinois


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