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Tennessee Lyme Support Groups
Tennessee Lyme Support Groups

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Nashville Child Faces Lifetime Battle After Missed Lyme Diagnosis
NASHVILLE, Tenn – A Midstate boy who is just barely 4-years-old is already facing the fight of his life. It took more than a year for doctors to figure out what was wrong with him, and his parents believe that delay meant the disease spread through his body.

Tick Borne Illness on the Rise in Tennessee
When Claire Culver has a “bad day,” her friends can easily see it.
So can anyone with Internet access. A few months ago, Culver began a blog and a series of online videos in which she talks about Lyme disease and what it’s done to her.

How We Found out I have Lyme Disease- From a Tick Bite
I live in Tennessee. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease. (In some parts of the country, they call it Lymes Disease, but technically, it’s Lyme Disease.)


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