Lyme Question: How Does Everyone Survive Financially?

lyme disease makes people struggle finaincially

Lyme Question: How Does Everyone Survive Financially?

Every day between Facebook and this website, I get asked this question, or asked to post a fundraiser, or asked how people can afford their doctors, medications and still be able to put food on the table. I have written an article about homelessness in the Lyme community and have seen the devastation Lyme disease brings upon families daily.

I do not have any great answer to this question. For myself, I rely on disability and do a bit of work online. I personally am always trying to find a way of being independent from the government but when home bound, and 90% bed bound options are limited. I know there are many others in the same boat as me.

I am writing this post in hope others who are managing to make it on their own despite having Lyme disease or other chronic illnesses will share their experiences to help others. So, if you have ways you manage to work, or raise money for yourself or maybe you know of some organizations that will help, if so, can you leave a comment below to help others too. Thank you!

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