Lyme Savvy by Sharon Rainey

Lyme Savvy: Treatment Insights for Lyme Patients and Practitioners

Lyme Savvy offers important insights into the patient-practitioner dynamic that you need to know to live well while dealing with the disease… and to move toward recovery.

From the Amazon descriptoin:

In this 624 page volume, rich with information, wisdom and guidance, you will find:

  • new insights into germs that contribute to chronic illness and small vessel disease;
  •  observations and considerations to help you and your physician rise above the disease process;
  • stories of patients who have struggled and improved;
  •  important discernments about tests to help diagnose your condition and related contributingfactors – tests that many physicians do not currently utilize;
  • an understanding of the elements of a successful patient-physician working relationship;
  • therapies that may help relieve pain and suffering;
  • frank discussions between a Lyme sufferer and her physician, a renowned specialist in the field ofLyme diagnosis and treatment;
  • powerful, practical suggestions to support you in daily living and improve your quality of life.

Lyme Savvy shines a bright light into a world of misinformation, in which sufferers have been stumbling,desperately grasping for help and answers. In these pages, they may finally find what they are hoping for.

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