May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Merchandise

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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Merchandise

May is right around the corner so you will want to get what you need for Lyme Awareness Month to help spread awareness! Some of us are able to go to the rallies, protests and awareness booths that go up around the world in May. Many of us are not able to physically travel to promote awareness. In this case, here are some ways to promote awareness right from home.

Many of these products can be customized. If you can’t figure out how to do it or have a different slogan or saying you’d like to see on a shirt, hat, yard sign or any other item, just write it in the comments below.

We make a small commission on each product, the money raised will go towards 3 things:

1. My own Lyme medical bills and paying for this website.
2. Raising money to add more items to the The Lyme Raffle Page.
3. Donating some awareness items to our Lyme friends on our Facebook Page.

Lyme Disease Awareness Month Buttons

Lyme Awareness Banners

Lyme Awareness Shirts

Lyme Awareness Yard Signs

Lyme Disease Facts & May is Awareness Month SignMay is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Yard SignLyme Protest Yard or Protest Sign

Lyme Awareness Bumper Stickers

 Lyme Awareness Front License Plate Cover

Lyme Awareness Hats

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Baseball Cap Trucker HatMay is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Baseball Cap Trucker HatLyme Disease Awareness Ribbon CapLyme Disease Awareness Hat


Lyme Awareness Stickers

Lyme Disease Awareness Month Ticks StickersLyme Disease Awareness Month Stickers

Lyme Disease Awareness Booth Informational Posters

There are many more items such as coffee mugs, key chains, soda koozies, leggings, notebooks, signs and on and on.. please visit our store: 


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