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Lyme Misdiagnosis

What other conditions were you diagnosed with that you now believe was Lyme Disease? It is hard to know what to call all these labels, are they misdiagnoses, are they just a name for a ‘group of symptoms?” Are they illnesses that stem out of Lyme Disease? No matter what most of these labels do not have a known “cause” so further research is needed.

The following is a poll done by “Whatislyme.com” to find out what other conditions Lyme Patients have been diagnosed with.

Note: Please excuse the mispelling for “Parkinsons,” polls cannot be edited once they are saved and I don’t want to lose the data collected already.

Charts Comparing Lyme to other Illnesses

invisible-illness-chart for blog (3)

MS-cause (3)Epidemiology-invisible-illnesses (3)

Here are some other links to articles on Lyme Misdiagnoses.

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