February- Morgellons Disease Awareness Month

February- Morgellons Disease Awareness Month

Morgellons is a newly emerging infection that needs more research. Patients complains of skin rashes, lesions, itching,, a feeling of bugs crawling under the skin, and fatigue. There seems to be a correlation with Lyme disease, with 6% of Lyme patient developing this according to Dr. Ginger Savely. (See video below.)Worm077

Many Morgellons patients develop sores all over their skin that are slow to heal or never quite heal all the way. Many of these sores contain what look like threads or hairs but testing shows that they are not hair.

Sadly, like many chronic conditions that exist today, Morgellons is considered by the medical community to be controversial. For patients, this is very real and very hard to get appropriate help for.

To the Patients of Morgellons:

We’d like to hear your experiences below. We are always interesting in the “patient’s view” on this website and true experiences with these much unknown about illness. If you would like to send us your stories to post or the pictures you have taken please contact us here. 

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This post was written in honor our dear friend Ally.

Morgellons Awareness Items

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