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Here is what people answered for most debilitating symptoms in a Lyme Support Group on Facebook, feel free to continue posting yours in the comments section.

What is your most debilitating symptom from Lyme? 
We asked this question on Facebook and these are the answers we got. (We removed names.)
    •  Fatigue
    •  pain
    • mind processing
    •  Hearing loss.. Almost deaf in right ear. Hate having a hearing aide
    • Fatigue
    • Fatigue
    •  Fatigue
    •  Fatigue
    • Fatigue
    •  Deteriorating vision.
    • long term fevers and fatigue
    •  fatigue
    •  So many, most prominent, fatigue, pain, neuro and muscle pain. Not to speak of brain fog. Sorry can’t say which is worse, they all feel bad all of the time. All the best to all.
    • constant pain and nausea.
    •  central nervous system gets out of whack, fatigue, pain…
    • brain fog and fatigue
    •  My pain I can usually push through – achy joints, muscles and even the headaches. It’s the fatigue that stops me in my tracks. It’s the most debilitating, frustrating symptom.
    •  Neuropathy and Fatigue.
    • Either the pain, depression/isolation, or fatigue
    •  My brian will never work the same, have to ask lots off questions, because I can’t follow anymore, or mutitask, or I go crazy if thete is too much noise, and I can’t follow anything. I feel like my 93 year old Granddad at 42. I forget what I’m saying or doing, and it takes so much longer to do things.
    • Brain fog too…memory issues hinder me a lot
    • seizures and fatigue
    •  Seizures (because they are so very scary and have taken my independence), the heart related stuff too. Fatigue (because it makes me unable to do anything physically speaking, even walking to the bathroom sometimes), severe brain fog that has not only wiped out my short term memory, but my long term memories also! I used to play so many songs on the piano, literally hundreds, by memory. Now I struggle to remember just one.  That’s on the very rare occasion I even have enough energy to play.
    •  Oh, Debbie, I know what you mean – no matter how many times I play a song on the piano, I cannot memorize it anymore! It’s as if muscle memory has gone, as well as ‘brain’ memory.
    • Exhaustion and digestive issues.
    • Fatigue and severe pain
    •  fatigue and pain with twitching all together
    •  Fatigue & joint pain
    • Pain but the neuropathy is causing my muscles to waste away so very weak and lots of pain from it all….they say I will end up in a wheelchair next if it doesn’t stop and then not able to care for myself…
    •  Joint pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues
    •  Yes, Janet! That’s exactly what it’s like! It’s so very frustrating and sad.
    •  Fatigue and pain… Im happy to say the one area I have made progress in during treatment is neurological issues. I still struggle when Im over tired or stressed but I’ve seen significant improvement.
    •  CFS ,pain and panic attacks
    •  Pain
    • The one you are dealing with at each given moment?????? For me, it was the loss of usage of arms and legs, the tremors and the pain….but as I said, then you get whacked with anther and taking one day at a time meant getting over that particular symptom for the day. It changes so darn much.
    •  Fatigue, Non-functioning brain, pain
    • Mental Emotions .
    •  Fatigue and daily pain.
    • Non-functioning brain.
    • Fatigue is #1 pain is #2
    • Fatigue and pain.
    • Chronic pain and fatigue defiantly
    • Neuropathy – it’s been years since. I could walk without assistance !
    •  fatigue, muscle pain, and anxiety
    • Muscle fatigue and Lyme-induced osteoarthritis
    •  Cognitive issues and fatigue
    •  Heart Attack symptoms , signs of paradysis and rash !
    • Fatigue and migraines are tied.
      Fatigue, pain, and a brain that sometimes does not want to work…
    • Heart issues, fatigue BRAIN FOG
    • Exhaustion, horrible pain and inflammation in my brain and spine. I use an ice pad just to be able to go somewhere.
    • Fatigue and brain fog
    •  Brain fog and balance!
    • Exhaustion
    •  Insomnia/Fatigue
    • Joint problems…19 knee operations …knees replaced when I was 36 and memory problems..brain fog.
    • leg cramps & pain
    •  Insomnia, fatigue, brain fog and spinal, neck and back pain
    • It was severe unrelenting fatigue, almost constant migraines, and brain fog – a difficulty finding words, formulating thoughts, concentrating.
    • fatigue
    •  neck/shoulder/back pain
    •  neuropathy, depression, crushing fatigue and a few more but you asked for one lol.
    •  Fatigue, numbness and stiffness.
    •  Paralysis and severe imbalance


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