Research Project for Lyme Patients that have done the 23 and Me Test


From NutriGenetic Research Institute:

We need as many participants as possible for this study to be presented at the ILADS Summit in Europe! Please share this information and please take a few minutes to fill out and e-mail the forms and your raw data.

We do need at least 500 Lyme patients data for the study to be conclusive. So far we have 15, so please send us your results!

Lyme Disease Research needs you!

If you have your 23 and me results… we NEED you! This is 100% free and will take a few minutes of your time. ANd you will get a free genetics report about how you detox!

The NutriGenetic Research Institute is conducting a study investigating the possible correlation of genetic variants with those dealing with chronic Lyme disease. The findings will be presented at the ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) Conference in Helsinki, Finland this June.

Participating is easy – if you have chronic Lyme and have done the 23andMe test, simply complete a short survey, read and sign the consent form and email back both of those forms and your raw 23andMe data to

Or visit to watch an informative video that details the research project in greater detail.

To find the survey and consent form, click here –


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