Resources for Lyme Disease Patients Affected by Irma

Here are some resources we thought might help you through this difficult time in your life. If you know of any others please let us know. As we get more tips we will add them. And we reached out to other big Lyme organisations to see if they were putting together anything to help Lyme patients affected by IRMA, if we here back we will list those organizations too. A big thank you to Jenna Wright, Amy Stahl and Angele Rice for helping me to put this together. ♥

Helpful Articles & Tips

More Helpful Information from Jenna Wright:

A couple more hurricane tips: 
1)  Prior to the storm, Video inside and out of your house, all belongings and autos to have for proof of prior condition for any needed insurance claims. I would add to video any damage before cleaning/clearing.
2) Shower curtain liners can work well in lieu of tarps
3) plywood from window boarding can be removed after the storm and used to cover roof damage. Temporarily cover it with a tarp (or shower curtain liner) weighted by bricks or boards. When supply stores open, get roof tar to seal the edges around the plywood until repairs can be made
4) If you have a generator and use it after the storm, pull it and only use it outside in the open air to make sure carbon emissions clear well. Use saw horses and a piece of plywood and then a tarp, as a cover over it to protect the generator from misting rain.
And know the voltage of what you’re plugging into it (ex: a coffee maker will pull more power than a microwave)
5) print any tips or phone numbers (insurance, emergency contacts, city or county help lines etc) that you’ll need and might not be able to access via the internet or social media immediately after the storm passes.

Where to go for Help

  • All FL people evacuating to the panhandle who can’t find or afford a hotel, Baldwin county(near the Florida/Alabama line) just approved to open up a 44000 sq ft building (address is 19477 Fairground Rd, Robertsdale AL. 36547.( 251)947-3247. It has kitchens, bathrooms and will hold 2000 people comfortably and up to 5000 if needed. They also have outside shelters made for pets etc ..they are setting things up and will be open tomorrow for those in need of shelter! PLEASE copy, paste and share.
  • Senator Linda Stewart

    Below are list of shelters, addresses and type of shelter. If you are a housebound or require special medical assistance, please call 311 (or 407-836-3111). Orange County has shelters for those who require special medical care. Stay safe!#HurricaneIrma #GetAPlan #BePrepared

    Apopka High School
    555 Martin St. Apopka, FL 32712
    General Population

    Colonial High School
    6100 Oleander Dr.
    Orlando, FL 32807
    General Population

    East River High School
    654 Columbia School Rd. Orlando, FL 32833
    General Population

    Edgewater High School
    3100 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, FL 32804
    General Population

    Memorial Middle School
    2220 29th St.
    Orlando, FL 32805
    General Population

    Odyssey Middle School
    9290 Lee Vista Blvd.
    Orlando, FL 32829
    General Population

    West Orange High School
    1625 Beulah Rd.
    Winter Garden, FL 34787
    General Population

    Barnett Park Community Center
    4801 W. Colonial Dr.
    Orlando, FL 32808
    General Population
    * Pet Friendly

    Bithlo Community Center
    18501 Washington Ave.
    Orlando, FL 32820
    General Population
    *Pet Friendly

    Please comment below and let us know how you are doing! Our thoughts and prayers going out to all who are on Irma’s path.

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