Rest in Peace Angie Scoville Clark

August 20, 1973  –  September 23, 2018

Angie Scoville Clark

Today Angie’s mom reached out to me through Facebook to tell me that we lost this beautiful soul yesterday. A wave of shock hit me in the face and heart. I am going to write about my personal relationship with Angie, and I am inviting anyone else who wants to also. If anyone from her family or any of her friends want to write about Angie, please send it to me directly to post on this page or you can leave your story in the comments below also. ♥

I met Angie many many years ago. Of course we had Lyme in common, but she lived in Arizona, and I had too in the past. We both loved our kids more then anything., she was a nurse and I was a caregiver, we had so many things in common, so right away we hit it off. Angie, another friend  Rachel, and I started a private little group on Facebook to chat in. We wanted a place to be able to vent in, and not always have to act “positive” in front of everyone on Facebook.

Angie’s world centered around her son. She talked about him all the time and how much she loved him. She was so very worried that one day Lyme would take her from him. She talked often about her husband and her mom. She talked about feeling like a burden, having lost her ability to work anymore. Angie was a nurse. A nurse and a mom, so caregiving was natural to her. But being the one that needed to be taken care of was not. She hated it. She had true appreciation for all those who helped take care of her. And she was sooo determined to get better, to be able to be a mom, be a daughter, be a nurse again.

As Angie grew sicker this last year, her messages started to change a bit. She talked about her impending death and her last message to me was saying good bye. She talked about how the medicines and steroids doctors kept putting her on were making her worse and led to Cushing’s Disease and a number of other auto immune diseases. She talked about developing Trigeminal Neuralgia and losing weight and all her hair falling out. Her message wasn’t asking me for answers anymore, it was now just telling me her journey and how it was ending.


So when her mom messaged me this morning, I guess I shouldn’t of been shocked. But still I am. We just shouldn’t be losing beautiful souls like Angie’s, to this nasty disease. Her son shouldn’t have lost a mom, her husband shouldn’t of lost a wife, and her mom shouldn’t have lost a daughter.

The only peace now is knowing that Angie is no longer suffering. She is watching over her family now from Heaven, one day to all be reunited again. ♥

Read more condolences for Angie and her family from Facebook:

RIP Lyme Community Memorial


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10 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Angie Scoville Clark”

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  2. Did she die from a physical ailment caused by Lyme or take her life because she just couldn’t stand it anymore? I think it’s important that we differentiate and talk about both since Lyme ravages both the body and the mind and can cause neuropsychiatric issues just as much as physiological ones. God bless Angie and her family.

  3. I am so so sorry. My daughter 32 years old is also suffering with Chronic Lyme Disease. I’m terrified.
    I can’t even Imagine this feeling.

  4. So sorry, my niece has Lyme disease. That’s how I saw this. I’m also facing stage 4 pancreatic cancer and just lost my sister two days ago. The person in the article also shares my last name. I hope one day they can find a cure for Lyme and cancer, but I’m sure it won’t be soon enough for my niece and myself to benefit. Bless all who suffer from these dreaded diseases.

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