RIP Lyme Community Memorial


The Lyme Community Memorial

This Lyme Memorial was put together by the folks at We add names as people send them to us.  The Lyme & tick borne illness community is a tight community. We have all banded together online to support and help one another. We become friends online and have formed our own family, as many people feel abandoned by their own friends, families, doctors, and other medical professionals. To those of you who stuck by your loved one through thick and thin, thank you.

We put this together because we want to honor each soul lost to this disease or who have become an integral part of our community such as Lyme doctors and researchers. .  Unfortunately many folks are misdiagnosed or their Lyme has progressed to conditions such as MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, psychiatric conditions and many many other diseases. As researchers try to link Lyme to these other diseases and conditions, please realize that the people listed below are only the tip of the iceberg of those we have lost.

We also lose many to suicide.

The point of this memorial is to remember those we have lost from our community. Some may have died from Lyme complications while others died from cancer while others were just an integral part of our Lyme community such as Dr. Burgdorfer. We cannot say for sure that the Lyme bacteria was for certain the cause of any of these deaths.

If you want to see the statistics of causes of death please visit here.

Click Here to Listen to a Recording of a Conference Call done by Jenny Rush of Lyme Thriving, Jenna Wright and Angela Dumas about dealing with loss.

Special thanks to Stephanie Harrington for all your help in putting this together.  Also a big thank you to Christina who makes the quilt squares to add to the Lyme Quilt for people who pass from Lyme Disease. 


Memorial List from our Lyme Community

Click on their names to be taken to their personal memorial pages.

Jennifer Abramson

Paige Adams

Jenny Albrecht-Hunziker

Linda Angel

Maureen Anlauf

Deborah W. Alper, Hopkins director

Dr. Carole M. C. (Paul) Alton

Eric Lee Anderson

James (Andy) Anderson

Edward Arnold

Deiby Ashkenazy

Heather Askeland

Kristin Atkins

June L. Anderson Atkins

Beth Atkinson

Andrew “Andy” J. Aubuchon

Peter Anthony Banducci

Greg Bankert

Melinda Barrow

R.Gordon Basinger

Patricia Jones Bauman

Nadine Grace Bateman

Moonface Bear

Larry Bennett

Buck Roy Benoist

Julia Lauren Besner

Brian M. Bizier

Dr. Bleiweiss

Billy Boesché

Deborah Jean Bodden

Leo Bogart

Kelly Bogdan

Bryan Bower

Mike Brochin aka Six-Way Lymie

Judith Ross Boynton

Brianna Keeley Brane

Scott Brazil

Dr Willy Burgdorfer

Anna Burgess

Jean Byrne

Dottie Braselton Carson

Jerry Carrington

Ellen Cary

Kathy Cavert

Colleen Cawthon

Randy Ceaglske

Marty Chadney

Gail Chamberlain

Scott Chant

Patricia Chesbrough

Maureen Clarke

Debi Cordiero

Jo-Ann Colburn

Jack Colenda

Carrie Chase

Bill Chinnock

Beth Coen

Dr Jane Colfax

Kimberly Ann “Kym” Nagle Cooper

Vickie Crawford

Alasdair Crockett

Nina Christine Hodges

Linda D

Daniel Lee Dace

Malia Damon

Jon Williams Davis

Dr. John Drulle

Jeannette Eichelberger (Mamma Lyme)

Frances Irene Elder

Harold Penn Elder

Joseph Elone

Christopher P. Farrelly

Leslie Feinberg

Herbert “Bart” Fenolio

Susan Fultz

Colonel Thomas C Garell

Randy Garvin

 William D. Geiser

Gloria Gellatly

David Geraghty

Richard Gerstner

David Franklin Giles

Gary Glaser

Crystal Ann Glidewell

Jack Gordon

John Patrick Gracy

SarahBeth Hammond

Angela Quinn Hausman

Shea Hermsen

Leo Hewett

Terri Fishel-Hoki

Alex Hermstad

Michelle Heap

Elisabeth “Lis” Heininger

Christine Anne Kiefer-Hellmund

Chelsea Jordan Hildebrand

Rebecca Hill

Brian Hirsch

Dr John Hoffmann

Ted Hoggard

Jennifer Hollis

William “Bill” Ronald Homeister

Whitney Jade

Angela James

Bevan Jeffery

Patricia M.  Jones

Rebecca Lynn Jones

Kristine Powell Jones

Robert Jones

Jennifer Kane

Jeremiah Katches

Marjatta Kelander

Patrick Wylie Kelly

Melissa Kerins

Dillon King

Karen King

James Koch

Christina Lambeth

Jacalyn Baxter Lantrip

Jon Pierre Lavallee

Jason Lee

Che-Chin Lie

Barbara Ann Lindsley

Jeroine Link

Johnny Maisano

Eivind Markhus

John Martini

Ronald Mason

Samuel McCaman

David McHoul

Karl McManus

John W. McMonagle

Crystal Merryman

Johnny Lee Mitzner

Rosanne DiGiovanna Montalvo

Beverly Lynn Mooney

James M. Morman

Cheri Munn

Patricia Myers

Theda Myint

Kaiti Nagel

Annie Nelson

Anne Ney

Bill Nichols

Jeremy “Jake” Nodolf

Gary Norbut

Richard Olney

Nancy Lower Orcutt

Kasey Rideout Pedersen

Kassandre Renè Plum

Candice Raby

Andrea Raphael

Julie Jespersen Rayner

Amanda Reese

Donald Robbins

Les Roberts

Thomas Roberts

Patrick M. Rockelli

Karen Johnson Rose

Dr. Teresa Royer

Emilee Russell

Paula Salvo

Jim Sazani

Bob Schneider

Jamie Elizabeth Schultz

Stephen Ross Seibert

Paul Michael Schaller

Mary Shea

Steve Philip Shears

Kyle Smalley

Marianne Synder

Vincent Sota

Lori Hall-Steele

Erin Elizabeth Spillers

George Strobo

Jonalyn Maureen Strobo

Cynthia Kay Struve

Rose Swarz

Mary Tansil

Carole Tegnander

Christopher Thomas

Debbie Thompson

Saoirse Trant

Chris Morbelli-Urbanowski

Jenny Umpress

Carole A Van Doorne

Karen Vidler

Colonel Bryce H. Wagner

Colleen Walsh

Whitney Jade Washuta  

Randall John Weber

Bailee Shennen Jontee Wennihan

Leslie Rae Wermers

Travis Wilson

Betsey White

 Brian White

Virginia Williams 

Jay Thomas Wolfenden

Elizabeth Wood

Jim Young

Donna Marie Zakszeski

Lisa Zena 

A Sympathy Poem for Those who Lost Someone:
A Christmas with Jesus

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