Shea Hermsen

Shea Hermsen

Shea Hermsen

From Shea’s Mom, Roxi~ Shea was an award winning videographer at age 7. Along with his older brother Bram, they placed first at the BC Student Film festival and best in the experimental category. They also sent their film “What’s in a Puddle” to the Victoria independent film festival and won the “Silver Shortie Award”. Shea played electric guitar. He loved the Beatles, (he was named after Shea Stadium where the Beatles played) he was learning Yesterday and he loved to perform. He also loved Reggae and wanted to travel to the Caribbean. Shea was an actor, playing Charlie Brown in the school play and he played soccer, rode his bike and was a strong and avid swimmer.

Shea loved science and created elaborate science projects. Ironically he even “participated” in his science fair the day he passed away. He loved science camps at the Vernon Science Centre, a place his granparents founded. The name Shea means scientific and ingenious one and that fit him to a tee.

Shea had a great sense of humour and was a friendly sort, a “starry kind of guy” is how Shea described himself. He had lots of friends, got great grades and was very loving. He loved to play with clay, and build lego with his brother. He wrote stories and drew cartoons and made claymations and animations, of some of them. He played ninetendo and used it to create his titles for his films and, of course, he loved computers.

The day before he passed away he asked me to “Double Pinky Swear” that I would not commit suicide. I hope that others will make their own “Double Pinky Swear” promise in Shea’s memory.
I kept my promise through Lyme and grief, today I am so much better and enjoying my granddaughter and grandson, who is so much like Shea.

Shea was a young boy, but an old soul.

If you are willing to take the “Double Pinkie Swear Promise” to Shea, please go here and sign the bottom of the page.

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