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We pray that one day we can return the blessings of giving to others as we have been so blessed by others. We lift all of those who suffer from Lyme disease both the person who has it and their families daily, for together we can fight this disease and make our voices heard! THANK YOU!

Here is our story:

Unfortunately my husband of 18 years in March has recently been diagnosed with Chronic Neuro Lyme Disease this past Sept. 2014. And I (Stephannie) have been diagnosed with Lyme disease just this Nov.

My husband had psoriasis since college, then in 2006 he could barely walk, his employment stated he had health insurance only to find out my husband missed getting health insurance by his employer by 1 1/2 days, so no health insurance at all!!!! My husband spent 7 or 9 days at St Mary’s in Rochester and the doctors diagnosed him with Psoriatic arthritis, and was off of work for 1 1/2 years because he also had suffered from an anal fistula and had to have emergency surgery.

At St. Mary’s Hospital the doctors placed him on Enbrel which helps the dry psoriasis patches to disappear but his pain became worse, he was seen by a several doctors at Mayo, then we decided we didn’t want to travel 2 hours each time to go to Mayo, as it was getting costly and we heard of a Rheumatoid arthritis doctor who flew in from Michigan 1 time a month and was providing care in our nearby town only 20 min away.

The first time my husband seen him, the doctor had my husband take x-rays and the doctor looked over his body. Then for 5 years the only thing the doctor did was ask how my husband was doing, my husband stated time and time again to the doctor how much inflammation he had and pain, so for 5 years my husband was put on Prednisone for inflammation and Tramadol for pain. And my husband continued to take 2 Enbrel shots a week costing $3000+ a week. Praise God the Lord provided although at times it was tight, He seen us through.

Due to my husband and I not working and No Health Insurance because we had to wait 4 months to go without health insurance before we were eligible for MN CARE, finally after it seemed like we asked 100 times the company that has ENBREL they stated they had a help plan to help pay some of the cost for the shots at the time of him not working, and as far as us surviving on no jobs and no income and no insurance Praise God we made it but it was tough.

After 5 years of going to this doctor who flew in from Michigan and feelings nothing was helping my husband his pain was getting worse, he could barely walk, work, sleep, etc. we decided to try ANOTHER  Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor, we felt this doctor was very thorough at looking over my husband’s records and body and thought we were on the right track, 2 years ago when we started with this doctor he told my husband he had Fibromyalgia also, took him off Prednisone finally and added Cymbalta, my husband began to have terrible migraines daily, his eye sight was 20/20 and was declining rapidly, he had eye floaters, inflammation in the eyes, sensitive to light etc, then he/we noticed brain fog, memory loss, severe migraines, extreme tiredness, extreme inflammation in ankles, back, knees, etc. as well as flue like symptoms, fever, sweating and cold chills, and then for a whole month numbness in his face.

In late July on a Friday my husband went to a clinic where we have been doctoring now to check with the doctor on the numbness in the face, the doctor wanted him to do a MRI on the Monday and a Seizure Scan on Wednesday BUT on the Saturday2 days before his MRI, my husband had a terrible spell – I wasn’t home for about 4 hours that Saturday and couldn’t find my husband or get a hold of him. I tried calling for the 4th time and he answered his cell, words slurred, slow, not quick to respond, stated he was at our local recycle drop off, I hung up the phone called our dear friends who live close to the recycle bins, they found him in the truck running, slouched over phone in hand and said he was waiting for me? Even though I had no plans to be at the recycle bins, he wasn’t making sense.

So our male friend drove him to the hospital, his wife picked me up from home and drove me to hospital, did CT Scan and blood work and everything came back clear, pushed fluids thru him sent him home. My husband had a MRI done thatMonday, Seizure testing thatWednesday and all results came back clear, neurologist said he had complex migraines and suggested he go back on a higher dose of Cymbalta, that didn’t work well it made my husband feel worse, more brain fog, feeling of blah. We were feeling overwhelmed, unsure of what to do next and were deeply concerned, we spoke with a few friends and told them about my husband’s symptoms and they recommended we go to a clinic that many people spoke highly of. Praise God as it was the clinic he went to just a few days prior for his numbness in his face, we explained after 10+ years my husband’s health has gotten no better other than the psoriasis patches had disappeared, and we asked my husband get a Lyme test done. After 4 long weeks of waiting for results the results came back positive for Lyme – Chronic Lyme Disease (Neuro)

He started antibiotics and probiotics and many supplements, probiotics and he was also told to have No Dairy, No grains, No Sugar, follow the Paleo Diet, Detox with Water and lemon slices, Epsom salt baths, plenty of rest, Alka Seltzer Gold for herxing, a month ago my husband had a 3 hrs.long – herxing spell, terrible. Called our same friends that took my husband to the hospital when he was at the recycle bin, they came to help, it was like a grand mal seizure but he was conscious.

My husband’s pain is worsening, unable to sleep well, brain fog. Doctor told him he has neuro Chronic Lyme and worse case she has seen so far. I was tested in Oct. for Lyme disease as we were told it can be spread sexually. I did find out on Nov16th I also have Lyme disease, Financially we are struggling, emotionally, spiritually its tough, it’s like this disease sucks the life out of you. I have a congenital heart disease, had open heart surgery at age 16 months old and pacemaker since I was 17, I have had 7 pacemaker surgeries since I’m 39 now, I also had pre cervical cancer in 2001 and had to have hysterectomy but kept ovaries, I suffer from ovarian cysts, doctor stated I have no more female functioning hormones, I’ve heard Lyme disease can cause low hormone levels, Our emotions run high, I have had pain come and go, stiff neck, more tired, could be stress, lost 15 pounds since Oct. Due to diet and perhaps Wellbutrin to help with my mood swings (which can also be a sign of Lyme Disease) We have never asked God so many times WHY? Why have you chosen this plan of Lyme Disease for us after we have already been thru in our only 39-40 years of life, it feels like a lifetime of heartache, pain, thousands of dollars sent on meds that never helped, doctor bills who never helped etc. but it’s said God gives you these things for you will become stronger from this, we thought we were already strong and have full faith and trust in Him, but as humans we grieve as this isn’t the life we wanted for ourselves, our marriage, almost broke, broken hearted, childless, chronic illness…. But we will continue to Praise Him in this Storm, for we don’t know what tomorrow holds but we do know who holds it! Thank you for taking the time to read our long story, it’s a blessing to know people care.

Our Needs are:


◾Finacial help for supplements, probiotics, essential oils and food.

◾If you like a list of our Supplements we both need email me at

◾Ningaxia Red from Young Living

◾A Good Blender for Smoothies



We truly are blessed by any of the things above that you can provide for me and my husband. Since I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease I also take doxy and supplements.
Financially it’s a double whammy because we are not only treating my husband but me as well, and depending on others to help is so hard for us, because we’ve always been the givers. I pray I won’t have to quit my job I so dearly love depending on how my treatment goes, I have worked part time for over 6 years for a very special 19 year old Autistic Girl, she is the daughter of our dear friends who have taken my husband and I to the hospital and have helped during my husband’s 3 hour herxing episode.

My husband’s condition has worsened, he’s not walking well, as his knee is terribly swollen from a bakers cyst, and a lot of extreme tiredness and brain fog he is currently on short term disability and I only work 12 ¼ hours a week plus a few hours here and there working on computer, so I do not get short term or long term benefits if I miss work L Through it all we have seen God at work, feeling & seeing the blessings from family & friends.


Thank you – Merry CHRISTmas

Blessings: Al & Stephannie

How to Donate to Al & Stephannie

If you would like to send a card or gift to Stephanie and Alan you can email them at for their address.

To Donate: If you feel led to donate to us financially thru PayPal to help us purchase the needed items above feel free to send us US funds to our paypal account at

For Family and Friends in Canada wishing to donate to Stephannie & Alan to help them in their time of need. You can send U.S. Funds – Money Order to them. Contact them by email at or Facebook Message Stephannie for their mailing address.

Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Stephannie & Alanplease comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

* Donations cannot be written off as a tax break since is not a nonprofit. Donations are simply given from your heart.100% of the money goes directly to the Holiday Wishlist Recipient you donated to. Most are links directly to the person’s own paypal account



Note for Potential Donors:
If you donate to Stephannie & Alan please comment in the section below so we can keep track of who has been donated to. Thank you!

* Donations cannot be written off as a tax break since is not a non profit. Donations are simply given from your heart. 100% of the money goes directly to the Holiday Wishlist Reciepient you donated to. Most are links directly to the person’s own paypal account or fundraiser.


Wishes Granted so Far

12/1/2014 Someone sent a gift card.
12/4/2014 Amazon gift card
12/4/2014 someone donated Epsom Salts
12/4/2014 Lyme book
12/13/2014 Cats Claw

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