Stop by and thank the Three Congressmen who are trying to help us get the guidelines changed!

Three members of Congress have worked to help people with Lyme disease get the  outdated treatment guidelines removed from a government Web site that doctors use as a resource for medical protocols. This letter was drafted by Rep. Christopher Smith, Rep. Frank Wolf, and Rep. Chris Gibson. They are trying to help our Lyme cause by getting the IDSA to change the outdate guidelines. Please read their letter here:

Here’s a little more on what these three men are trying to accomplish.

It would be nice if we all stopped by to thank them on their facebook pages. Some pages you can’t leave a message on but you can “like” their page and then sign up for a newsletter and I’m sure from there get the info needed to email them a thank you.


Thank you for trying to make a change!

Rep Frank Wolf, VA

Rep Chris Smith, NJ

Congressman Chris Gibson, NY




Please email these letters and print them out for your Congressman. If they see others supporting the Lyme cause, they may follow their lead. Let’s get everyone involved!

To find the congressperson in your state please click here:

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