Suicide Help

Lyme Support Groups and Help for People Feeling Suicidal

24/7  Hotline Facebook Group
A Facebook group run by John Coughlin and his crew. A great place to be able to post Lyme Questions or your concerns and lend support to others as well.

Lyme Rage: Suicide Prevention
A Facebook Group with the intention of having somewhere to turn when feeling suicidal.

7 Cups
connects you to caring people if you just need to talk.

Depression and Lyme Poll
Answer the poll and let others know what it is like to suffer from tick borne illnesses.

Insprirational Readings
If you need something positive to read, to take your mind off things for awhile, please check out these stories.

Lyme and Suicide~ A Problem Ignored
An article that tells the truth about what Lyme Patients are going through. Read patient testimonials about what their life is like as they struggle with isolation, depression, pain and abandonment issues, and if they have ever felt suicidal, and what it feels like to lose their friends to suicide.

Make the Double Pinkie Swear Promise
A young child made his mom promise the night before he passed away from Lyme Disease, that she would never do anything to hurt herself. Can you make Shea that promise to? Click here to make the Double Pinkie Swear.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Warning Charts and Help, lists of Suicide Hotlines and more.

 What is it like to lose a friend from Suicide?

Lyme patients tell what they go through each time they lose a friend to suicide.

Understanding Why

Cytokines, Which Contribute To Inflammation, Found At High Levels In Brains Of Suicidal Patients

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