The Connection between Lyme Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

The Lyme Disease/MS Connection

Is there a connection between Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?  As a patient of Lyme disease who talks to many patents who have been diagnosed with one or the other, or both, I started collecting any relevant articles to this discussion.

Rather, I should call it a debate.  Lyme disease patients insist that MS is really just Lyme disease misdiagnosed. Many MS patients that I have talked to  think it is a totally independent disease from Lyme disease.

Sadly, after twenty years of having Lyme disease, I still cannot talk to many doctors about this without being met with an eye roll.

But, maybe we are looking at it wrong.  Since Borrelia Burgdorferi and some other bacterial infections and viruses, as well as parasites, all seem to infect people differently, maybe these infection lead to these “conditions” or “syndromes.”

Maybe instead of calling it a misdiagnosis we should be saying, Lyme induced MS, Lyme induced Parkinson’s,  Lyme induced Dementia, Lyme induced Fibromyalgia, Lyme induced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You get the point.

I propose this for two reasons.

  1. It has been shown that Borrelia Burgdorferi disseminates throughout the body and can cause damage in multiple organs, soft tissues and joints. So, maybe it depends on where the bacteria is destroying tissues to which condition it will lead to in each person. This would help patients and the medical community understand why we have such a wide range of symptoms. It would explain why some end up with Fibromyalgia and another MS.
  2. This way we leave it open to the possibility that other infections, viruses and parasites might also lead to these conditions and syndromes also. There is research that shows Epstein-Barr Virus, Chlamydial Pneumonia as well as Bartonella, Babesia and many others can lead to chronic conditions.

Here are some of the articles, research papers and discussions I have collected over the years relevant to Lyme disease being connected to MS.

Please make sure to check out the Lyme Deaths VS MS Deaths Map.

Please let me know in the comments below your own experience or if you know of other good research papers or articles. We would also love teo hear from doctors and naturopaths who treat MS/Lyme patients and what your opinion is on this subject.

Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease Articles

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Lyme related to MS, Fibro, Parkinsons, Lupus, CFS, ALS, Autism and other conditions

Comparison Maps pertaining to Lyme, Canine Lyme and MS

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