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whatislymebannerRemoving a  Tick Correctly

The first Defense against Lyme Disease. 

There are a lot of ways people post about on how to remove ticks. Most of these ways are incorrect. Please read this carefully so you understand the correct way to remove a tick.


Click Here to Read How to Correctly Remove a Tick

General tips are do not twist, squeeze or put any chemicals on to smother or burn the tick. Twisting can lead to the tick’s head getting stuck in you. Burning or smothering in chemicals leads to the tick regurgitating their stomach contents into you. Lyme bacteria lives in their gut, increasing your chance to being infected.

These tick removal tools are recommended because they allow you to get closest to the tick’s head and pull up slowly to remove the tick.

These are available right on Amazon and are pretty cheap. You can also find them on Ebay.

TickEase Tick Remover Safest Tick Removal for People, Dogs and Cats

The Tick Key for Tick Removal 3 Pack (Multi)

Pro-tick Remedy with 5x Magnifier, Key Chain, Tick Id Card and Tick Tutorial

The Original Ticked Off Tick Remover 2 packs of 3 each with Key Hole family Colors May Vary. 6 Total removers included

Whatis lyme logo

What to do when Bitten by a Tick

Understanding Lyme Tests

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