Tom Grier~ Microbiologist

Tom Grier is a microbiologist. He is also a Lyme patient. First diagnosed in 1990 with MS, he later figured out he actually had Lyme Disease. He was treated with long term antibiotic treatment he recovered. He since has studied, given lectures and written extensively on Lyme disease.

Canlyme  reports that he and is founder of MIBDEC, a not for profit society advancing the study of Lyme disease post mortem. (Which we would all like to know more about Tom!)

Here are some of his writings.

My Story~ By Tom Grier

Why do we call them experts?

“Who Will Be The Heroes of Lyme Disease, Who will be the Villains?”“What We Know and Don’t Know About Lyme”

“It’s A Spirochete, Now What?”

“Blood Vessel Penetration”

“Spirochetes Inside The Human Brain”

“Mulitple Sclerosis and Lyme~ Is there a Connection?”

“Where Research Needs To Go”

“Laboratory Tests”


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